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Verbos, founded in 2001, is an organisation that uses a wide-ranging network of specialists in multidisciplinary sectors and countries to address the immense global sustainability challenges that society, the public and private sectors are facing. Verbos is your ideal partner to make your business successful while also maintaining a high-level of creativity. We maintain a pro-active approach by supporting and developing innovations that ensure a sustainable positive impact, also by mitigating negative impacts and turning these into opportunities to enhance sustainable development. Our interest in business development and sustainable development, in particular the agricultural and water sector and its international trade chains, complies with the green growth policies and its focus on environmental sustainability by different global players, governments and NGO’s. We are committed to strengthening our existing partnerships, developing capacity for the benefit of our partners, as well as developing new partnerships in the Netherlands and internationally.

Verbos offers a variety of services by using the knowledge and experience of the highest quality experts in both the public and private sector. The staff at Verbos have years of experience in undertaking challenging and comprehensive projects in both the private and public sector. We also have the resources and commitment to provide services in innovative sectors, on a technological and conceptual level, using an entrepreneurial mind-set. We will continuously strive to provide your business with the best support. After all: your success is our success. Verbos will guide you throughout the process while we also strive economic viability with our realistic, practical and creative advice. Verbos would gladly be your co-pilot in developing your business or idea further. Below our services in three categories.

Offering workshops, trainings and education for management teams, personnel on leadership, corporate social responsibility and teambuilding.

Creating long-term value for the customer through support in developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations.

Various initiatives and ventures started over the last 20 years. The common denominator is to make this world a better place for you and your children.

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Entrepreneurial focus

An entrepreneurial mind-set drives the services and commitment of Verbos Business Development. Own professional experience and knowledge by being entrepreneurs ourselves form the basis of the services that Verbos delivers. Verbos always considers each organisation’s unique situation when defining the business, operations and investment goals. Verbos assists you in developing your organisation by using a combination of high level of creativity, business development and innovation with a strong focus on gaining successful economic viability. Verbos is strongly networked in the international development of agriculture and water and use their wide-ranging network of directors, highly professional managers, trend watchers & entrepreneurs to benefit you.

Market development

Verbos is particularly involved in the development of the agricultural and water sector with its affiliated international trade chains. These are innovative sectors, both on a technological and conceptual level for positive environmental and social impacts, as well as economic sustainability, profitability, food security and water availability. With the complexity of problems that the world is facing caused by increasing levels of climate change, poverty, population growth and resource scarcity (among others), it will be of high importance to address the availability and flow of energy, food and water. This generates a large amount of international opportunities for innovation addressing these challenges

Why we love our work ?


Passion for mission

We take pride in our mission to foster sustainable development. The staff at Verbos each contribute uniquely in this mission by supporting innovative solutions or in its operations and external involvement in organisations.


To reach an appropriate level of profitability for long term economic sustainability to meet their requirements within the competitive market to have a long term impact.

Business ethics

In all our activities we comply and respect the laws and regulations of the countries where Verbos operates. We are transparent and take responsibility and accountability in the choices we make, including our operations.

Social responsibility

Verbos values all people equally and demonstrates respect for one another, our partners, clients and so forth. We strive to ensure that all voices are heard to develop socio-economic and environmental progress.

Team work

The best solutions come forth from collaborations and partnerships. We value every team member and seek to ensure everyone can fulfil their potential, learn from each other’s experience and foster pro-active engagement.

Client orientated

Our customers, are at the heart of operations and we aim to add value to innovation ideas that foster sustainable socio-economic and environmental development.



Exploration and analysis of the needs, capabilities, constraints and success factors



Creating a viable plan for your idea, project or business.



Developing strategic choices for a thoughtful and achievable business.



Putting the plan into action.


Do the results meet your goals and vision? Readjustment if necessary.



Jurie Geldenhuys

Agronomist / Trainer

Jurie comes from a farming and management background and in South Africa. Over time he developed himself as a valuable advisor/trainer to farmers in South Africa, surrounding countries but also other continents. Jurie is currently based in the Netherlands.

Aart van den Bos

CEO / Trainer

Aart is a social entrepreneur.He is active in sustainable Agriculture and looks at the
world from a holistic point of view.He links important topics such as food security, climate change, water, biodiversity and sanitation through innovative revenue-models.

Maria Geldenhuys

Head of Marketing

Maria heads the market research, pricing, product marketing, Marketing communications, advertising, social media, and public relations . She is creative and living in the Netherlands.

Lucy den Teuling

Consultant / Trainer

Lucy develops in conjunction with key stakeholders and community representatives, Social Business Models and Concepts with maximum social impact for both developing and developed countries; jointly, we translate available and new knowledge from research in health, agriculture, environment and ICT sectors into business solutions for essential services and products and training modules. Lucy is based in the Netherlands

Niels van der Wijk

Consultant / Trainer

Niels has a background in International Business and Management Studies and studied at Stenden University in Leeuwarden. With almost 10 years of experience, he is a very entrepreneurial person and always likes to support other entrepreneurs with their journey towards a more sustainable future. Niels is based in Colombia

Joop Vegter

Agronomist / Trainer

Joop have been working over 30 years in horticulture and specifically in vegetables and seeds. He worked in many different countries from Israel, Turkey to South America and Asia. He has a huge experience in advising and training farmers / growers globally and is currently based in Myanmar.

Hussen Ahmed

Senior Consultant / Trainer

Since 2010 Hussen is working on different projects and even joint ventures were established.

He is a visionary guy with the objective to contribute to the transformation of the agricultural-  and water sector in Ethiopia.

Hussen represents Verbos in Ethiopia.

Swadhin Biswas

Web Designer and Developer

Swadhin is an experienced professional in amongst others web design – & development;  affiliate -, online marketing, social media post designer and as a data analyst .

He is passionate about his work and a valued member of the team.

Daniel Jongejan

Senior Consultant

Daniel Jongejan is co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Kennemer Eco Solutions, a social-minded for profit enterprise that specialises in the origination and trading of voluntary carbon offsets from sustainable land use solutions. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences about policy development for climate finance, and GHG accounting and reporting.


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